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Jonathan SEO


I’m an SEO Specialist Freelancer

I’m an SEO Specialist Freelancer, Graduated in Science of Communication with a master in Digital Writing and specialising and working full-time in SEO since 2006. I worked in a couple of Web Agencies in Italy (also with a very famous italian web marketing consultant), always in charge of every SEO Campaigns. I worked in Sydney, Australia, as a contractor for an Advertising Agency and for other clients. Now I’m a freelancer wandering around the world and working from wherever I can find a connection.


I’m not an SEO Company, I’m not an SEO Agency

What does that mean? It means that I won’t charge you the additional costs of a company or an agency such as rent, employees’ wages, bills. I work at home, from home, wherever home may be. SEO is definitely a freelance job. It’s not an industrial business. SEO Agencies are not bad and if you are in charge of the advertising for a big company I can recommend to rely in an agency and pay what they deserve.

Otherwise it is more likely that for your business a good SEO professional is more cost effective and worth it.

Please note that what I said above doesn’t mean than I am cheap. Of course I am cheaper than an SEO agency, for the reason explained above, but I am quite good in what I’m doing, so I’m also quite busy. Therefore if you want to work with me, expect to be charged what I deserve.

A little update on where I am at the moment

seo in gran canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura


In Fuerteventura I decided to settle my business there in Canary islands. But Fuerteventura wasn’t the place for me after all. Luckily enough the Canarian archipelago has seven (main) islands. My second island would be Gran Canaria, my base the biggest city in the neighbourhood: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. I really enjoyed my staying there. I […]

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Right here, according to the most common Web Marketing guidelines, you should see a quick, simple contact form with few fields such name, email and message. However, being very very busy (evindently because I'm a good SEO and my clients find it profitable investing on me), I have to send you to a more complex contact form in order to receive all the information needed to evaluate the best approach to our future collaboration.

So, in order to contact me... click the link below...

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Hire a Multilingual SEO Team

I'm in a network of SEO freelancers each one specialising in the market of their mother tongue: we have a German SEO, a Spanish SEO, a French SEO... We are a digital team working everyone in his own place, with his own language. So, once again, we are not an agency and we don't have the costs of an agency. Often we work for the same website, each one in charge of his own language version of the same website. We refer to each other, we learn from each other.

So, if you are interested in learn how we can benefit your website and your business with our services... click the link below...

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