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Italian AdWords Campaigns

Hire an Italian AdWords specialist for your AdWords campaigns in Italy!

Your Italian AdWords campaign may require a specific help: only an Italian native speaker can understand the subtle differences in the keywords and in the copies that can make your AdWords Campaign succeed or fail.

Google AdWords is the most famous advertising program on the Internet. It includes copies, images and interactive ads that companies buy in pay per click format (PPC) or site-targeted advertising.

But if you are on this page you will probably already know that!
(in case you don’t know you can check out this Google official support page)

And maybe you already understand that you have to rely on a native speaker (in this case, an Italian native speaker) in order to perform your geo-targeted Italian AdWords campaign at its best.

Times where online advertisers were allowed to be sloppy are gone: now it’s time to take care of your advertising campaigns with a proper help: when you promote your services or products in a language that is not yours, you may risk to sound “spammy” and – it goes without saying – this won’t benefit your business at all.

As per every PPC program (and actually many things on the Internet) the process of client/customer acquisition on an AdWords campaign can be divided in 3 steps:

  1. Keywords selection (or campaign settings);
  2. Ads;
  3. Landing Page.

If you are not familiar with the language and the culture you are running your campaign you might go wrong in each of the steps outlined above! If you want to run an AdWords campaign in Italy… let me help you!

Let’s start with the first step:

Keywords Selection

Keywords cost! This is true in an AdWords campaign as well as in other forms of Online Marketing. So if you choose your keywords badly you will waste your money. It is simple as that.

Consider for example the word “hotel”: this can be translated in Italian with “hotel” or “albergo“.
If you are not an Italian native speaker – and actually if you are not an AdWords expert – you might think that these words are pretty much the same thing. Truth is that they target different customers with different budgets! As an Italian user indeed I would expect to find an “albergo” a kind of a cheaper accommodation in comparison to a “hotel”.
As you can understand, not knowing these subtle differencies can lead to a big waste of money!

How I can help you with your Italian Keywords selection

I will take care that your keywords selection is appropriate to the language (in this case “Italian”), the country (in this case “Italy”) and the audience you are targeting. Always according to the budget and the goals of your campaigns.


So… The user is doing their query to the search engine (or surfing the net) and they are looking exactly for your products/services (or they have already proven their interest during a previous session). Now your ad is triggered (according to the keywords or configuration you set in the previous step) and now it’s your chance to get their attention… But you might be competing with dozens of other of your competitors’ ads.

your adwords ads

You understand that you can’t be sloppy at this stage or you will lose the opportunity!

You need a native speakeran Italian one and possible an AdWords expert – to perform your ad at its best: grammar mistakes may make you sound spammy, an inappropriate use of the words may lead to misunderstandings or even worse make you look “funny” (or even worse, offensive).

Plus, you have to get the cultural background to be effective, or your ad might be just another one amongst hundreds! I think your communication deserves better!

How I can help you with your Ads for your Italian AdWords campaign

I will take care that all of your ads will be appropriate to the language and the cultural background of my fellow Italians, I will leverage my knowledge of the culture and the language to create better performing ads I will test and tweak the copies and the ads in order to improve the performances for your geo-targeted campaigns in Italy.

Landing Page

So… you got the attention of your prospective client and they have already clicked on your ad. Great! Now it’s time to turn your prospective into an actual client or customer. They have read your ad and “asked” to know more about you, your company or your product or service… At this stage we need to provide them with an appropriate amount of information, organized in a clear hierarchy where they can understand where to find all of what they are looking for or where they can perform the action they are trying to perform (e.g: buy your product).

The communication of your landing page must be clear, simple, exhaustive, well organized and attractive.

Of course you need to get your landing page translated but it might not be enough: actually as an Italian native speaker and a speaker of English as a Second Language I can see examples of badly translated pages every day.

Indeed you might be tempted to outsource your translations to an external service (or maybe a low cost service) that won’t give you what you deserve and need: they won’t give you something effective simply because they don’t care about your business, you are just paying them to provide you a superficial translation.

An AdWords expert (in this case “me“) instead aims to make your campaigns effective!  That’s what you would expect from your AdWords consultant and they (in this case “me“) would their best to get you a good ROI!

How I can help you with your Italian Landing Pages

If you are already running an AdWords campaign in English, not only I can translate you landing pages but also I will take an extra care to translate your “communication purposes” and make sure that your content and your message is delivered in the best way according to the targeted audience. In case you are not running any existing campaign… no problem! We will develop your landing pages from scratch (I have advanced html, css, js and php knowledge) and I will do my best to make them a high effective tool of your business.

AdWords: an ever-changing environment!

As many other things on the internet AdWords evolves all the time. It already has a lots of helpful features that makes it a great opportunity for advertising on the web and new features are added frequently. You can run your ads locally, nationally or select multiple areas depending upon your advertising goals. You can select different languages and choose many other features and extensions.

Site-targeted advertising allows you to explore further opportunities: you can create visual attractive banners and publish your ads into specific websites: of course you will need the help of someone – a native speaker – able to assess these websites for you and tell you which websites are good for advertise your business and which are not.

An AdWords campaign can become quite complex, it needs to be tested, tweaked, optimised. It is very likely that it will require a specific help from a professional. An AdWords campaign in Italy may require even a more specific help:

you don’t need just an Adwords Consultant AND an Italian translator.
You need an Italian AdWords Specialist!

You need an AdWords Consultant that is also an Italian native speaker! Only this guy (which of course would be “me“) can understand the subtle differences in the keywords, in the settings, in the copies that can make your AdWords in Italy Campaign succeed or fail.