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SEO for English Schools

Scuola di inglese a LondraGenerally speaking language schools – and especially English schools – around the world are exactly my kind of clients. An English School – based in Uk, Australia, USA, Malta, Ireland, Canada (or wherever) – wants to target different markets and languages: obviously, for what concerns me, they want to target also the Italian market. So, they need me because I can target the Italian market very well as an Italian native speaker and SEO/Online Marketing expert. And they are usually happy when they find out I can also talk in English with them (not so obvious for other fellow Italian colleagues).

The “English as a Second Language” industry is also growing very fast and the competition might be though, especially if the school needs to compete in one of the favourite destinations to learn English by students from all over the world, for example London!

London is also a very attractive destination for Italians that want to attend an English school abroad: it’s quite close (a couple of hours flight), it’s in Europe (that means no hassle for Visas), it’s quite prestigious for learning English (they claim – and advertise – UK is the place where English is born, this is the place where “perfect” English is spoken…).

Have a look at the SERP for “Scuole di inglese a Londra” (Italian for “English schools in London”) in google.it and you might notice there is quite a competition!

But most of all: those Italians… they really need to learn English! So, for them going abroad to learn English is quite a viable and desirable option. In other words… there are opportunities in the ESL industry for Italians!

I’ve been working for a number of English schools and other educational agencies that promote English courses around the world. I’ve been working for London, Dublin, Malta, Australia (Sydney, Brisbane…) and for other projects and destinations. I’ve been targeting Italians for the SEO & Online marketing campaigns for these ESL clients.

I might dare to say I’ve been specialising in the Italian Online Marketing for the English as a Second Language industry!

So, it you are in charge of an English School or you have a project in the ESL industry, I’ll be very happy to hear from you!


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