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seo in sydney

SEO in Sydney

Sydney, Australia


In the fall of 2008 I used to have a good job as an SEO/Web Marketing specialist in a Web Agency in Florence, Italy. But I decided to consider moving abroad in order to learn English and have a job experience in yhe international SEO industry. I started planning my trip to Australia but I was actually able to move just in February 2009.

I attended a 12 weeks English course in Sydney and then I had been able to find a job as a contractor for an Advertising Agency in Sydney.

Actually it was funny how I managed to find a job in my industry: at first I tried to rely on those recruitment agencies… but it wasn’t that easy to find some company willing to give me a chance considering I was still learning English.

At the end I put in place my expertise:

  1. I started a free blog and fill it with my résumé, my profile, my portfolio and a few web marketing ingredients;
  2. I started running a small AdWords campaign targeting possible employers (choosing keywords such “SEO cv”, “SEO resume”…);
  3. With no more than $30 I manage to get in touch with the agency I would be working as contractor for the next 4 years!

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