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Still in Australia, but…

Sydney, Australia


After almost six month in Sydney here’s what the plan will be:

  1. I’ll probably stay in Sydney till January, maybe February 2013, then I’ll be ready to move again.
  2. I’m thinking to go back in Thailand, or travelling South East Asia…
  3. Maybe go to Nepal and India on my way back to Europe during Spring.
  4. I’m thinking to come back to Italy around April and enjoy Summer in my country.

This is the plan… but as it is said “When men make plans, God laughs“.

If a new opportunity comes up I’ll be very excited to change my plan: I work on the Internet and I can do my SEO work wherever I can get a good internet connection.

So, if you have a nice place to suggest me I’ll be happy to hear from you. If, for example, you have a nice resort in a nice island with beautiful weather and nice tourist attractions… you might hire me for a while and we might talk about how I can develop your business with my SEO skills…

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