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Italian Link Building Service

Italian Link Building Service – Do not think about getting links!

Guys, here is tough! If you are looking for an Italian geo-targeted “link building service” without considering all the pieces of the big picture… I think it’s time for a little bit of tough love!

Link building was an important element of SEO back in the day. Now – after a few Google algorithm updates – link building might be a very dangerous activity… in Italy, as well as in the rest of the world!

Despite that, I still receive requests for sloppy link building campaigns from many prospective clients with a basic understanding of “old” basic SEO.

If you want to do link building you have first to forget everything you know about SEO and try to perform a link building campaign to increase first the awareness of your brand and the traffic of your website in a very clean way.

Better talking about web reputation than outbound links. Just forget the idea of going hunting for links and try instead to go fishing for links in another way: focusing for example on developing excellent content and providing an excellent web experience to your user and then – and just after then – promoting your content through social media (yes, in order to get links spontaneously!) or through outreaching possible websites and blogs that might be appreciate your content and be available to publish an article about that.

You can target great and very popular websites and let them know regarding your last blog post/product/innovative service or offering them to write an informative post (and this would be guest blogging) for their website… and this is a legitimate way to proceed to promote your website, your company and your services/products.

This is direct and sincere marketing.

Given that I do not provide sloppy a link building service…

how I can help you

what I can provide for you is a link building service targeted to Italians and featured with great article writing and with an outreach service that will address good quality websites related to your niche.

A few things you might need to do before even thinking about link building

However you should never do link building without considering the current situation of your website. Never!
In other words, if your website sucks – or if has many flaws anyway – you have to work on that first.
Do not use link building to compensate the poor quality of your website, the poor experience you are providing your users, customers and clients.

Once – a couple of years ago – you would use link building to get your website ranking on the first page of search results, which – you may have noticed – was (and still is) the best way to get traffic to your site, thus clients/customers to your business.

In simple words at that time the more links there were to your site from other sites, the more of a trusted reputation your website would have in the search engine algorithm, thus it was more probable to get in the firsts results for relevant keywords related to your website/business: the more links (from great authoritative websites) you used to have, the higher the ranking on the search results.

Today search engines (yes, I’m mostly talking about Google) are less and less dependant on links factors to determine what should be the ranking of a website. In some way they managed to get the users experience in the algorithm. Thus the first thing to provide is a great user experience, according to search engines’ policy.

The goal of a Search Engine (still talking about Google) is simple: to provide users with the best service.

If one of the pages of your website provides users with the best service for a given keyword, you have good chances that search engines will notice that page and your website will rank in the first results for that keyword!

If you start from this point of view then an SEO consultant – such as me – can help you get your deserved results earlier.
If you start from this point of view then a link building campaign can help your website to get noticed and rank sooner.

But the link building must be always a part of an overall SEO & Online Marketing Strategy in order to be successful. This is true in Italy as it is worldwide.

In the Italian landscape you might benefit from a minor competition and a less aggressive market: your competitors might not be as many as in the English market, against an audience that could eager to get to your products/services. But nowadays you have to work in a clean way: if you want to do link building in Italy ask yourself first:

“Am I offering to best user experience for my Italian audience?”

If the answer is “yes” then I can help you find the way to develop your link building through a variety of methods, depending upon what your goals are and who you want to reach. My knowledge of the Italian web landscape will be helpful in reaching your targeted audience and suggesting the best way to proceed.

If the answer – honestly – is “no”, then you might consider hiring me to work on the content and for the SEO of your Italian website first!