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Multilingual SEO

Chinese SEO

China has the widest netizen population in the world. There are about 2-3 hundred million people using the internet to find information and solutions to their problems every day. In the near future, there’ll be more native Chinese speakers than there are native English speakers online. Internet access in China is soaring (for instance, last […]

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Russian SEO

Russia is one of the few countries where Google is not the leading search engine. The first place is occupied by Russian search engine yandex.ru (~ 60%), the second google.ru (~ 25%), and next come other Russian search engines such as mail.ru, rabbler.ru, … Yandex has pretty much everything that Google has, for example: Has […]

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French SEO

While in France a lot of people use Internet, computers and smart phones, it seems that the country is always a few years behind compared to other countries like United Kingdom or USA, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. While SEO was not really developed a few years ago, it seems that more companies […]

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