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Italian Press Release Service

Italian Press Release Service – Promote your content the right way

One upon a time Press Releases were a pretty solid SEO techniques: along with Article Marketing press releases were used to get links to your website, which, according to how the search engine algorithm used to work, it would be increase the probability to make your website rank better for their main keywords.

As every SEO technique also Press releases have been a little bit abused. Now the algorithm has changed and press releases, together with other link building techniques, need to be done with caution. Press Releases got back to their origins: a traditional marketing technique aimed to spread the word about something, addressed directly to specific influencers.

The best thing to perform a Press Release campaign nowadays is… to forget about SEO and make press releases as they were meant to be: publicize a news to journalists, webmasters and bloggers that might be interested to publish the news in their online magazines, websites and blogs!


  1. first thing, you have to have a news;
  2. secondly, the news must be something worth reading;
  3. thirdly, you have to know how to address the people that might be interested in publishing the news and write something for them.

you have to have a news (worth reading)

A press release might be talking about changes to your website, new promotions, changes to your company, and many other things. But it must be something worth reading! So, for example, the new look of your website might not be usually a news that might interested the audience of the websites you might be to publish a press release in. A new service on your website might be (especially if no one has ever done it before). A contest with a decent reward might be a good chance to make a press release. An event you are organizing or a special offer might be as well. Etc…

you have to know who get in touch with

When press releases were abused there were many low quality websites dedicated exclusively to publish press releases of any kind, often without a real editorial control. These websites used to be quite generalistic, hosting content for a variety of topics and they were usually considered “content farms”. With time, they lost their value.

Nowadays, if you want to perform a press release campaign you should…

write for the influencers

So… first thing you need to get to attention of the professionals to might be interested in publishing your press releases in their website. You will probably have to email them, but nowadays there a number of ways to get in touch with influencers, webwriters, journalists, bloggers, websites owners… for example through social media: facebook, google+, twitter, linkedin… so you might consider to perform a social media campaign along with you press release campaign in order to optimize the costs!

You have to offer influencers a quick information that they can read easily: you can refer to more exhaustive information regarding your news with a link to your website or to the specific press release in the press release section in your website… but the launch, the message to your influencers, must be synthetic and attractive, find the way to get their attention! Also it should be informative and shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch.

Ideally, webwriters, bloggers, journalists and websites owners that showed interested in your press release would write an original piece of content and publish a new article, blog post, web page in their website. More commonly they will be more inclined to copy and paste whatever you will provide them, which actually can trigger a duplicate content filter in the search engine algorithm that, even if it’s harmless (so it’s been claimed by Google in more than an occasion), it might make your efforts a little less effective. So, it might be a good idea to offer influencers your availability to write an original article suited for their website and audience.

This marketing method does not guarantee that traffic will come, and as I mentioned, you shouldn’t be used nowadays as an SEO technique per se. Better considering it as a classic marketing technique aimed to increase the brand awareness of your brand throughout the web: if your website will rank better it will be for a number of factors that your press release campaign might have triggered, but if you want to increase your SEO potential nowadays the first thing to focus is your website, its content and the user experience!