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Italian Article Marketing

Italian Article Marketing – How Article Marketing Works Nowadays

Once upon a time article marketing was a very solid technique in an overall SEO campaign. Nowadays you can still do it but you have to focus on quality: in other words you have to build an article marketing campaign that brings actual traffic to your website, that increases the awareness of your brand, that really serves your prospective clients or customers. Article marketing may approach your potential traffic in a way no other method can but it must be lead carefully: the articles must be well composed and published on very popular and visited websites in order to draw the attention of a targeted audience which can then be directed to your website.

Do not ask me how many articles I can write and how much each article would cost: this is the old way to do SEO and nowadays can lead just to long-lasting penalizations on Google, penalizations that may damage severely your business and that will cost a lots of money to get out from!

In the past, article marketing has been quite abused and SEOs used to write tons of useless, sloppy and poorly-informative articles and publish them in some articles factory website just to have a bunch of links back. At the time the technique was actually working and often clients with just a little awareness of SEO would ask for how many articles one SEO guy would be able to publish per month, per week, per day or per hour!

Today everything has changed, but there are still many prospective clients that have the old approach.

As I mentioned above this is the wrong approach and a very dangerous one as well!

If you want to do article marketing my recommendation is simply…

just forget about SEO!

Do article marketing for other purposes and measure other values rather than the ranking of the keywords you are targeting, or even worse, the number of links you are getting from articles in external websites.

Do article marketing in very popular websites to get traffic and visits from prospective customers and clients in your niche.

Do article marketing to increase the brand awareness of your brand!

Do article marketing as you would do marketing regardless SEO!

If you do that or you want to approach article marketing from this point of view then we can discuss how an overall Online Marketing campaign (including article marketing) can help your business and save you from getting in troubles!

Your Article Marketing in Italy

Since rules have changed these days, it comes without saying that if you want to target another language audience and if you want to do article marketing in another language (for what concerns me… the Italian language) you need to rely and a good Italian copywriter and Online marketing expert (which it would be me!): even if you want just to translate your existing articles in English you should rely on someone able to take care of your business and able to translate the message of your company accurately.

It’s not just about grammar and composition, it’s about knowing your company, your message and the cultural background of your targeted audience. You have the message, I have the knowledge of the language and the cultural background to make sure that your message will be delivered to my fellow Italians in the best possible way.

How I can help you

I’m a proficient Italian copywriter – besides being an excellent SEO & Online Marketing consultant. As a web communicator my job would be transpose the message of your company into words that the targeted audience (in this case “Italians“) would understand and find attractive according to their background and cultural heritage. Of course doing article marketing in Italy means also contacting popular websites and blogs in order to get your very well written articles pubblished. So it is not just a writing job it is also a sort of “Public Relation” job!

How to manage an article marketing campaign these days

So… bottom line, if you want to make an effective article marketing campaign (in Italian or in another language) – and if you want to work with me – here’s my suggestions:

  1. Focus on writing articles on excellent ideas, something that can interest, that can solve a problem, that can be at service of your audience and prospective customers/clients.
    I’m serious: time of sloppy article marketing is gone and – in my opinion – is gone also the time of useless articles such as “10 ways to lace your shoes”.
  2. Rely on a competent native speaker writer to deliver your message in the best way to your geo-targeted audience (a hint: for Italy and Italians… it would be me!)
  3. Try to publish your article in popular websites related to the topic to your niche, visited by prospective clients/customers.
  4. Forget about SEO, link building factors and rankings. It will come spontaneously if you do the things the right way (and if the process is supervised by a competent SEO/Online Marketing guy… which again… it would be me).