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Italian SEO

Hire an Italian Specialist for your SEO & Online marketing campaigns in Italy

SEO & Online Marketing in Italy is different: different language, different market, different users and different opportunities in terms of SEO and ROI.

I am a freelance Italian SEO & Online Marketing consultant who is highly qualified to take your business to the next level by optimizing your website in the current Italian Search Market. I have been working in SEO since October 2006 with a background in Communications and a Master’s in Digital Writing. I worked with a couple of web agencies in Italy (with one of the best Italian marketing consultants) and then I move to Australia where I worked for an Advertising agency in Sydney for 4 years. I became a freelancer in Sydney till I decided to leave Australia and explore other countries (find out where I am at the moment).

Due to the recent changes in the industry (e.g: those Google’s algorithm updates) my job has changed as well to embrace everything that concerns an overall Online Marketing strategy.

This was a trend already in place even years ago: when you are focussed on providing your clients with the best service you will…

So, today, I feel I still come from an SEO prospective (e.g: keywords selection and analytics measuraments are still the basis of an online success) but I embrace other techniques such as:

Indeed some would say that today also for an SEO success you should have:

Some would object to this simple and reductive way of seeing a complex thing such as “how Google decides which website would come first for a specific keyword”, but what matters is that this makes sense and it is what you should do to promote your business regardless SEO and whatever changes you can expect in the future (the web is changing all the time, so you better focus on diversify your marketing efforts and not be dependant from a single source of traffic).

SEO in Italy

If we consider the bigger picture of what a search engine want from your website things don’t change too much for the Italian market compared to the English one or the one you are used to.

  1. Search Engines aim to provide their users with the best service;
  2. if your website or webpage is designed to provide users with the best answer for a specific set of queries…
    you are in the right road for your SEO success!

Of course if you just published the best website/landing-page/online-service ever that – unfortunately – doesn’t mean that you will be first in search engines (for relevant keywords) straightaway: the system needs a little push (and that can be done in a number of clean ways and without using “tricks” that would get you into troubles).

This is true for the International markets as well as the Italian one.

But of course the Italian market has its own peculiarities:

So, if you want to explore new opportunities in the Italian market you have obviously to rely on someone that is not only an Italian native speaker but also a Search Marketing Specialist… that of course, would be me!

So, let me tell you how you can benefit from using services:

  1. First, I am Italian native speaker and a pretty good copywriter.
    I’m proficient in English as well so you can talk with me through skype or write me email and there won’t be any misunderstanding.
    By the way, something funny happens to Italians living abroad for a while: they start speaking strange, including words and structures form their Second language; since, as a copywriter, I’m quite attentive to the language, this will ensure that your message will be delivered to your Italian audience in the best way, avoiding mistakes that other non-professional writers would do.
  2. Second, I am an SEO & Online marketing specialist since October 2006 and I’ve been specialising in Italian campaigns for my international clients.
    The web landscape in Italy is different, so you need someone that knows what he’s doing and which are the best ways to reach potential traffic for your Italian website and grow your business.
  3. Third, I focus on ROI… and even better in long term ROI.
    I just like to do best for my clients, which means that I will always do and suggest what is the best for you according to my knowledge and expertise. Some might work to make you happy in the short term, maybe using tricks that could jeopardize your website, thus your business; I prefer work for the long run, even if this might mean wait a little bit longer to get results, but keeping your business safe.