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Italian Web Content Writing

Italian Web Content Writing – Your Best Content on your website is Your Best Marketing

Implementing content on a website is the finest of the arts of Search Engine Optimization.
Even before the concept of Content Marketing came in fashion, SEO guys used to say years back “content is king”.

Having good web page content is important for many reasons: beyond the obvious reason that it makes your site easy to use and more attractive, it can also increase your traffic and get you a better position in search engine rankings for a number of keywords that you can cover in a number of ways, exploring long term keywords or developing an effective hierarchy of content that will improve your users’ experience and your rankings in search engines for your main keywords.

Of course your content must adhere to some requirements: copies – it goes without saying – should be written fluently and grammatically correct: it’s not about being formal but about being understandable.

Of course if you want to market Italians through your Italian website you should first have a native speaker taking care of your copies and text elements (text on images, subtitles, headings, navigation, forms, call-to-actions…), plus he should have some expertise in writing and communicating for the web.

Writing for the web has its peculiarity: there is a right way to attract users and get them into the website; there is a right way to have them stick to the copy and read all the content they need before taking the action you want them to take (buy your product, download something, fill the contact form…)
Good content implementation goes along with other online marketing strategies:

Of course content is not just copies, it is also images, videos, slides, pdf to download… today infographics seems to be really in fashion for example. If you are managing a multilingual website (or want to start a new language version of your website) you have already your content (which is supposed to be good and tested).

So you will need to translate your content, being sure that your translators will translate everything not only correctly but alto targeted to their language audience: it is not just about translation, it’s about delivering messages, informations and emotions in the best way for that specific language.

But a web content writing service may include also geographic specifics. Your content will be specific to your area and your target audience (which is location based). Geographic writing will include references to your area that will be recognized by your clients. Geographic writing is a useful marketing technique because it engenders a trust among your clients because you are local. Italian web content writing will mention specific events, locations, and landmarks in Italy. Your web content is another important element to your total web marketing plan.