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Who I am

Hi there!

My name is Jonathan Pochini and I’m an Italian SEO & Online Marketing Consultant.

I’ve been working on the Internet since October 2006, first in a couple of web agencies in Italy and then, in 2009 I moved to Australia where I worked as a contractor in a web advertising agency in Sydney.

I left Australia for good in February 2013, but after 4 years in Sydney I became a quite proficient English speaker (usually my international clients appreciate that).

Now I’m exploring a Digital Nomad lifestyle and I might be wherever in the world I can find a good internet connection and keep on working for my online clients (see where I am at moment).

How I can help you

I acquired a number of skills along the way, but in this website I promote the fact that I’ve been specializing in helping international businesses in their SEO & Online Marketing campaigns for the Italian market.

Of course I can also manage English and International Online Marketing campaigns (with the help of a number of native speaker co-workers from various countries) but Italy is my niche market and I believed Italy can be be a great opportunity for you.

Whether you have an e-commerce website and you want to explore new opportunities in Italy or you are running an English school, a tourism related business or any other business that might benefit from an increased visibility in the Italian search engines or web landscape… I’ll be glad to introduce you to my services!

My Services

I’d like to consider myself as on overall consultant. So, my first goal is to grow your business and build a trusted relationship where both parties can benefit from a long-term partnership.

I come from SEO and Search Engine Optimization has been my full-time job for several years; but when you focus to provide your clients with the best service for their business SEO might not be enough: you will always have to consider on overall Online Marketing strategy to get the best benefits from your website.

So, and since the web is always changing, you have to keep on open eye for any opportunity that might arise and that can benefit your business:

Always keeping in mind that everything must be tested, measured and interpreted: we need to read the Web Analytics and understand which way to go and where to invest our budget.

My skills

The Online Marketing consultant is a job in which there is always something new to learn almost every day. In all these years I acquired a number of skills that I can hardly recollect here in the following list. But let’s give it a try:

So… these are my services. I have probably forgot something important, so don’t hesitate to ask me if you need to know if I can help you with your business…