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Seo Specialist Sydney

Seo Specialist Sydney was an “old” blog of mine in blogger.com. This blog (along with an AdWords campaign payed 30 dollars) gave me the opportunity to find my first job in Sydney as an SEO Specialist in May 2009.

The 3rd of October 2011 this blog has been removed (due to a ‘mistake’ of their algorithm) and then reinstated after ten days.

Here what the content looked like (with some modifications) in his first day.

Hire a Great SEO Specialist Now!

2 May 2009

I’m a Seo Specialist.
Actually I think I’m a Great Seo Specialist!
At the moment I’m in Sydney and I’d like to stay here or in Australia longer (I’m italian and I’m here with a Student Visa).

But obviously, in order to stay here longer, I need a job.
The options are:

  • being hired with a sponsorship
  • find a part-time job in order to keep on studying

Unfortunatetly my lack of english as a non-native speaker doesn’t help me find a job.
But I know the secrets of the search engines and I think that if I can work with some native speaker, the success of our SEO campaigns will be overwhelming!

Anyway this is my profile:

I’m an italian Seo Specialist with several years experience (I started working full-time in this field in October 2006) and several skills and competences from communication (web writing, web usabilty, web design…) to code knowledge (html, css, php, javascript).

In my country I’m a well respected professional (try to search “seo specialist” in google.it and you will find my website thanx.it/seospecialistblog) that has worked with one of the most famous web marketing consultants in Italy (Nicola Briani of Computervarnet) and am able to start and complete projects of national relevance, challenging the most able professionals.

Now in Australia my main challenge is the lack of English at a professional level. So, I make myself available for Web and SEO Agency work. I can also do simple tasks such as data entry, code optimization, link building or other tasks not involving complex copy writing.

Why I think I’m a great seo specialist?

I’ve been working almost 3 years in the Search Engine Optimization field, achieving several successful results. Many professionals in Italy are missing me right now!

  • my former boss is looking for me and asked me when I come back;
  • a big italian company (DADA) contacted me in linkedin asking me to send again my CV;
  • a great professional with some projects in Europe asked me to contact him when I’ll be back in Italy.

But I’d like to stay here in Sydney (or Australia) longer (a couple of years, maybe more).

My situation right now

I’m in Sydney with a Student Visa till at least january 2010 and I started working with my new ABN. So now it’s time to see if it is worth working with me as a freelancer or hiring me with a sponsorship!
Best Regards

Portfolio: Recent Works as Freelancer

Not persuaded yet?

Tell me why!
I really need your feedback.

Contact me now!

phone (AUSTRALIA): +61 (0) 424539832
phone (ITALY): +39 0585 621028 | +39 377 4369996 | +39 392 4597059

And then of course I added some posts later on… Here are the more relevant:

UPDATE: SEO in Sydney (after a few months)

12 Oct 2009

Since receiving my first proposal to work freelance with a leading advertising and marketing agency I have already gone quite along.
Apart from my being a non native speaker I have found myself able to help businesses, professionals and entrepreneurs to gain visibility online with their websites.
I have some personal recipes for SEO Success, recipes which are tried and tested and that evolve everyday with new strategies which help to grow businesses via the world wide web.
You need to give me your copies and I will increase your website visibility and bring it to a higher level with a well designed Search Enginge Friendly code, an effective link matrix, an effective website optimization and a good quality link building work.
A good understanding of Search Engines Vision is what guarantees better results in SEO: provide good services to your customers and clients = provide good services to Search Engines’ users.
A good understanding of code, design and “how the internet works” is what can make the difference in providing your users/customers/clients with good services and products.

I like it and I like my job: SEO is also to provide users and customers with better services, “to let people find the right things”….

Just a little note: I don’t know what you mean for “SEO Specialist” but for me is a global consultant aware of SEO, SEM, PPC, Online Marketing, Web Advertising, Social Media, Analytics, Web design, Web Usability and, generally speaking, aware of “how internet works” and “how users use the internet”.
So don’t ask me just to fill your metatags.
There is so much more that I can do for you as an SEO specialist.

UPDATE: And now I’m Google Analytics Certified

29 Oct 2009

For those who think it’s important: I’ve just passed the Google Analytics Qualification Individual, as Google would say “a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ test”.

Google Analytics Certified