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Russian SEO

Russia is one of the few countries where Google is not the leading search engine. The first place is occupied by Russian search engine yandex.ru (~ 60%), the second google.ru (~ 25%), and next come other Russian search engines such as mail.ru, rabbler.ru, …

Yandex has pretty much everything that Google has, for example:

But, it will be the biggest mistake to believe that Yandex is a clone of Google with similar ranking algorithms. It’s absolutely not true. This can be easily proved by trying to look for the same keyword ranking in these different search engines.

For some SEO Specialists, Yandex is more vulnerable to “black hat” optimization techniques. Maybe, that’s why it’s very common to purchase trust links in Russia. So it’s easier and safer to buy good links and go up in the search rather than spamming blogs and profiles, and be banned from Yandex search results (especially for new sites).

In Russia there are very popular social networks, but the situation here is the same as with search engines. Russian popular social networks are vk.com (~ 140 millions), odnoklassniki.ru (~ 30 millions), and much less popular but well known to us Facebook (~ 7 million Russian users), and LinkedIn, etc.

Also still a very popular way of communication in Russia is ICQ; many Russians use Skype as well, but ICQ is a must use tool.

So you can see Russia is totally another market, and you can’t face it with the same strategies and with same platforms, tools and channels you would in the English or Western markets (like Google, Facebook…)

So, if you want to promote your services in Russia, some good ideas might be:

On the other hand, bad promotional ideas can be: spam, blogs comments (Scrapebox will not help you), spamming forums and other black hat methods.

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