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French SEO

While in France a lot of people use Internet, computers and smart phones, it seems that the country is always a few years behind compared to other countries like United Kingdom or USA, when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. While SEO was not really developed a few years ago, it seems that more companies have entered the market and the media starting speaking about it.

Overall, Google is the most used search engine with nearly 90%, and Bing being the second far below with around 2% only. Social network sites are widely used in France, with Facebook and Twitter being the most popular.

Compared to the English language that has no accents, accents are something that need to be taken into account while doing any French SEO. Even if a lot of people do not use accents while doing a search in the Search Engines, they are still very important and need to be used while doing keyword research and on-page optimization.

Even if guest blogging and guest posting is very developed in UK and USA, as part of an SEO strategy, it is still something fairly new in France and sometimes it can be very difficult to find websites and blogs that offer guest posting.

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