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SEO for a Small Niche Ecommerce Website

Nestor, from Custom-bedding, is a really nice guy. With his website he provide a unique service: the opportunity to order custom sheet sets and plain duvet cover sets.

Obviously I’m in charge of the Italian campaign: it’s a very niche market with people looking for specific products. Have you ever thought for example that camper vans  or boats may need their own tailored sheet sets?

Yes they need! And not finding anything on the internet they ask on forums… (search for example for “lenzuola per camper” or “lenzuola su misura” in google.it).

So, part of the job was join these forums and provide users with an answer. It may sound a little “spammy” (how many times you have seen SEO spammers in action in the forums!).

Just respect the users and respect the forums! Don’t just publish your post, go away and never come back.

Use instead these forums to engage users, gain their trust, provide useful information.

That’s a clever SEO!

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