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Wedding Photographer Tuscany (Client Case Study)

Wedding Photographer in TuscanyCristiano Brizzi is an amazing Italian wedding photographer based in Tuscany, who I’m proud and very happy to have amongst my clients. The main Online Marketing strategy we put in place for Cristiano was developing and running a wordpress blog as an extension of his portfolio.

The best thing about Cristiano as a client is his availability to work with me and exploring different opportunities. It is a very precious thing when you suggest your clients what to do and they actually do it! Cristiano is like that and even more: sometimes he took initiatives, he explored opportunities by himself (e.g. pinterest, google+ advanced strategies…) and I’m not ashamed to say I sometimes learnt from him and his experiments.

When I suggested him to run a blog for his wedding studio, Cristiano started writing posts and after a while became quite good at it and he enjoyed it.

As a talented photographer he owns many beautiful photos to show in his blog, so the overall quality of each post he wrote has always been amazing!

During all these years we have been working together we changed the layout of his website and blog a few times. It was evident since the early stages of our campaign that the “blog strategy” was worth it. Finally we decided to unify everything, main website and blog, and to make the blog start from the homepage whereas, at the beginning, it was just a subfolder/section of the main website.

You can see the English version of his blog here: www.photographertuscany.com

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